Student Welfare

Cornwall Institute places paramount emphasis on each student's welfare. We have agreed to the following guidelines presented within the "Code of Practice" for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Copies are available on request or from New Zealand Ministry of Education

International Student Support (Emergency after hours number: 0800 300 310)

Accident Insurance

Should an accident occur while in NZ you may find that NZ accident insurance does not apply to you, and some or all charges may be incurred. Please view ACC's website for more information.

Health Services

Generally International students are not entitled to publically funded health services.  You will be charged at full cost of service.  Please view the Ministry of Health for more information. 

Visa Requirements

It is necessary to apply for a Visa to study, or complete part time work while studying in NZ.  Full details are found on NZ Immigration Services

Medical and Travel Insurance

All international students must have this insurance once enrolled, and until they leave NZ.  Details of this will be kept with student details/records at Cornwall Institute. 

Students to be Informed

Cornwall Institute will inform students of changes that may affect their studies.  This will be done via student notice boards and our website.

Students to be involved

Each tutor group is encouraged to select two representatives who will participate in Student Council meetings.  The council representatives will attend meetings with a Cornwall Institute representative and constructively discuss issues on the agenda. 

This is your chance to compliment or address concerns on behalf of other students.  This forum is also responsible for planning student events outside of the normal study programmes. 

More details will be supplied within the tutor classes. 



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