Course Expectations


Are to be supplied by the students.  Programmable calculators may not be used in tests and exams.


Homework is a necessary requirement for all study programmes.  You will receive a guideline along with your course programme overview at the beginning of each Term of study.

Class Conduct

Is to be respectful to all people.  To participate positively and not jeopardize other student's learning.

Dress Attire

Students are to be presented as if in middle management positions.  A professional appearance is required.

Dress Code


Dress trousers and a business shirt.  Tie is optional during normal classes but is a requirement when completing internships.  No nose, tongue or facial jewellery is permitted and a clean shaved appearance is expected.


Women are expected to wear a blouse or business shirt with professional skirts or trousers.  No tongue or facial jewellery is permitted.  Nose pins are permitted.


All students are to wear formal foorwear.  Sports shoes, slip-ons and jandals are not considered professional business attire.

Please ask our staff if you are not sure. 


The expectation is to attend 100% of the time.

Should this not be possible due to sickness or other problems it is your responsibility to advise the Institute by 9am by phone.  Text messages are not acceptable.

All courses have a mimimum attendance requirement (as specified), which is strictly adhered to.  To be successful and to make the most of your programme of study while at Cornwall Institute, you need to attend your classes. 

If you wish to receive a referee report from Cornwall Institute, note that your attendance will be disclosed within this report.


Wherever practical all appointments should be made outside of class time.  If you present a medical certificate for non-attendance you may be asked to make up the lesson time at a mutually agreeable time.


Lateness is not to be tolerated.  Should this happen your attendance will have this recorded with a penalty of a quater of a day being recorded.  The same applies if a student leaves early.

Explanation as to non-attendance

An explanation as to non-attendance for medical reasons or funerals/tangi etc. does not change your attendance record.

Copies of evidence of explanations will be kept with your student file.  We may use this information should a prospective employer question attendance issues about a student. (Note: content of any information will not be released.)

Student Administration Costs

Administration staff will be available as per schedule displayed on notice boards.

Photocopying: 20 cents per A4 page

Colour has additional charge

Binding: $3.00 per booklet

Includes front plastic cover, back and spiral bind)

Printing: 40 cents per page printed.

Please ensure that you have the correct money available.


From time to time, Government regulations change or our own policies and procedures may change.  Abridged information will be available on our website and our noticeboard.

Full details will be available on request from our administration.

First Day Orientation

On your first day we will conduct our student orientation programme.  It is compulsory to attend.  The programme commences at 9am.

All students must bring:

Stationery- refill, notebooks, pens.

A copy of your enrollment and acceptance letter and related receipts


Visa Information

Medical, Travel and Fee Insurance.

Public Holidays

All public holidays are observed.  The Cornwall Institute is closed on these days.  The period between Christmas and New Year are also included in Cornwall Institute's annual holiday period and will be closed.

Public Holidays:

New Year's Day: 1st January

New Year's Holiday: 2nd January

Anniversary Day:

Waitangi Day: 6th February

Good Friday:

Easter Monday:

Easter Tuesday:

ANZAC Day: 25th April

Queen's Birthday:

Labour Day:

Christmas Day: 25th December

Boxing Day: 20th December

Cornwall Institute also observes a mid-year break for one week.




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