Support Services

Academic support

We offer students academic support with their coursework. 

We offer catch-up tutorial sessions in addition to scheduled classes.  These are available on request with your tutor.

We will endeavour to assist all students to attain their academic goals in a realistic time frame.

Social Support

Sometimes the assistance required is of a personal nature.  Social support for students is always availiable and can easily be accessed through our extensive network of social agencies.

Please note that some agencies will charge additional fees to your course programme fees for professional social well-being support.

Free Career Development

We offer all students free specialty career development planning.  All students have the opportunity to participate in specific Career Development classes.  Scheduled times will be available on a term-by-term basis.

All students receive two free individual Career Counselling sessions over their school calendar year.

Please use this list of agency support specialists in addition to our services.




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