General Etiquette


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the centre.  It is not permitted in any entrance way in the building.

General Hygiene

Put rubbish into appropriate containers.

No spitting.

Wash your hands before eating or helping with food.

Follow toilet guidelines in bathroom areas.

Be on time

Please be punctual to class.  If you are late, don't disturb the class.

Mobile Phones

Please have these switched off or on silent mode.  This must be adhered to!  Please don't use phones during class time.  As a last resort you may be disciplined and asked to leave the class.  This will affect your attendance requirement.

Kitchen Service area

Please wash your dishes after you have used them.  Please respect that others use this area.  Take note of signage.

Speak English

When in any class it is expected that you use English.

Be respectful

Treat all people respectfully.  If you have difficulty understanding a person, be patient.  If they are actually culturally different to you learn about these differences. 



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