Our Story

Our Director is a sixth generation New Zealander and is a direct descendent of William Taylor, Lieut. General H.M.I.A. When General William Taylor first came to New Zealand he purchased land for farming in 1849.

Over time, land banks throughout Auckland were established by the then retired General and his sons. Significant areas within Auckland where named, as The Taylor's of Tamaki called them all those years ago: Glen Innes, Glendowie, Glen Orchard now St. Heliers and Alberton.

The original Alberton Homestead in Mt. Albert was placed into the Historic Places Trust of New Zealand in 1972. Thus ensuring visitors and locals alike would be able to experience part of Auckland City's heritage for generations to come.

Around the1870's, other large land holdings, were acquired by the Taylor family in the Waikato region. The farmland in Te Awamutu has had a more recent story. Taylor's Hill, once boasted a wonderful homestead named Greenhill. It sat high, over looking the scenic mountains Pirongia, Kakapuka and in the further distance the Kaimai Ranges. Within this gentlemen's residence, great Balls with all the extravagances and glitter of the period where regularly held.

The Taylor family were proud horsemen and enjoyed the Hunts on what was the original estate of 3000 acres. These where formidable occasions, generating great rivalry and comradery between all who participated.

In 1935 a large palatial homestead was built for Isobel (Dick) and Austin Yarndley. They had purchased 400 acres from the estate of William and Elizabeth Taylor, Isobel's parents. The home was known as "Whitby."

An interest in having International guests to the farm began over 35 years ago. The fully working Dairy and Dry stock farm had begun a further diversification. Farm visits, had been steadily growing. By the early 80's a further development and investment was made in the Yarndley's, Whitby home.

Whitby was developed into a large restaurant for the many Tour Bus groups who visited "Whity Farm." Over a period of twenty years the working farm and horticulture blocks were visited by thousands of International guests. Family members and staff worked to create a genuine Kiwi experience, Kiwi hospitality and Kiwi friendship.

Some of the visiting tours where marketed under Educational Tour Groups. Our Director was very much involved with the demands of tourists and speciality tour requests. She was especially passionate with the English Study, group tours.IMG_3355.JPG

These Educational Tour groups provided the catalyst to develop Cornwall Institute of Learning. It only seemed natural to complete the cycle of Lieut. General Taylor's legacy, to once again be based in the centre of Auckland. Between land that was Central to the early Taylor's family holdings. This area is known as Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill Domain. Cornwall Institute, takes its name from this magnificent, scenic countryside within the inner Cities boundaries, for all to enjoy.



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